Haworth, West Yorkshire.

Hello I am lucky enough to be staying in Haworth, West Yorkshire for a few days.  This is the view from the back of our tiny cottage and as you can see yesterday was a beautiful day. We did a bit of strolling round yesterday and as always had a visit to St Michael and …

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Little kindness gifts, pumpkins, fruit & veg.

Hello When planning what to plant this year, I knew that we would possibly have a house move to contend with, so with that in mind I grew - nothing, up until I returned home from minding grandchildren. The morning after returning the weather was so hot, so I planted some beans, I mean just …

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Some pretty Easter things

Hello When out and about I do like to stop and look at pretty things. I love nature, the fresh spring buds appearing on the trees, the animals playing about in their habitat, the marvellous beginnings of new life all around. I also like hand made crafty things  and such like. I thought you might …

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