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Scarborough, Windmill & Anne Bronte

Hello I am a bit slow at writing this post up. We recently stayed for a couple of days in Scarborough, North Yorkshire, it was actually the weekend of Storm Ciara. We went to look at the an art exhibition celebrating 200 years of Anne Bronte, which was held in the Woodend Centre in Scarborough. …

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Food reductions and work in progress

Hello The last couple of weeks have seen us have some food reductions, we have had some from M & S as seen in the previous post. Here is one of them, haggis neeps and tatties, it went in the freezer until a couple of days ago, it was very nice.  I have since found …

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Anniversary & Birthday time

Hello Over the last week or so, there has been a birthday in our household and a happy anniversary too. There has been gift vouchers and money, cards and gifts and a the beautiful gift of a sponsored donkey at the donkey sanctuary. I rather like donkeys.  Our little dog and I often used to …

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Knitting & crochet help wherever needed.

Hello I have recently posted a box of things off which will go to Australia with just a few things in which I hope will help some of the animals injured in the fires over there. Below are a few nests and an outer joey pouch. Nests for any little animal who needs one. Below …

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