Looking like a mini garden centre


Today  I am marvelling at how a tiny little seed can eventually grow into so much food.

Example 1 small tomato seed will provide you with a lot of tomatoes.  I have always grown tomatoes and dwarf green beans and occasionally other things too. This year I have planted far more than I have ever done, I don’t pretend to know what I am doing most of the time but I figured it couldn’t  go too wrong so here we go

From  top left across we have carrots, cucumbers and mini cucumbers

Middle row foot long chillies, money maker tomatoes and spinach

Bottom row striped salad tomatoes and rainbow beetroots.

Since planting I have learned that beetroot don’t like being moved so watch this space to see what happens……

Carrots will be ok because I won’t be disturbing the roots.

We also have mini cherry tomatoes, spring onions, leeks, snowball turnips a little rocket a few salad bowl lettuces and a couple of bell peppers already planted.

Soon to be planted will be the dwarf green beans, and we have potatoes, parsnips for later on in the year and I might brave cabbages and leeks although I am not quite sure where I will plant those yet.

Already I can tell I have more energy than last year, when the ghastly virus hit us early on at Easter last year it really did knock me for six. Taste and smell still mostly absent but occasionally I am getting a very slight taste from about 5 or 6 things so I live in hope that it will return. I miss the scent of fresh washing from the line and freshly cut grass or wood smoke from a fire but I really am hoping that it will return. First vaccine has been administered  so just to get the second one soon.

I hope you have enjoyed your day

Bye for now X

Please do not use any of my images or content without permission.

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