Making and baking


Those of you who are used to reading will know that I like making soup. I discovered this one, a while ago.

Cauli leaf soup

Cauliflower leaf soup.  I just make it as simply as all my other soup, I use the cauliflower leaves washed and chopped, an onion, a small potato, seasoning, stock cubes, any herbs you may want to use, a little milk and water. I blitz it when cooled slightly. I will admit with this panful I did have a couple of small florets left over, that went in there too.

Its nice and creamy and although I am not tasting it at the moment, I believe it does taste good. I also like the fact that I am using up what was previously classed as waste.

Also this week I’ve made tea bread. I haven’t made one for a while so it was a nice treat.

Tea loaf 1Tea loaf 3tea loaf 2

I left this one in the oven a little bit longer than I usually do, as the last one I made I thought was a bit too sticky. It cracked a bit on the top, but the underside was ok and it was fine when it was cooked. The fruit was juicy and the texture seemed good.  An afternoon treat with a cup of tea.

I hope you have enjoyed your day.

Bye for now  X

Please do not use any of my pictures or content without permission.


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