At the end of last week I was very lucky with a few bargains


These leeks were one day out of date when I bought them, but as you can see they are perfectly fine, they were 25p per packet. The first thing I do is to remove the plastic packets, and the food lasts longer still.

I have made some leek and potato soup, some has gone into the freezer.

I still have some in the fridge and they are still in perfectly good condition so will go into a chicken and leek pie this week.


These mushrooms were two days out of date when I bought them. Once again they were 25p per tub and as you can see they were perfectly good.

I have made mushroom soup with some of the mushrooms which has already been eaten.

Some have gone into the freezer and I will add to fried rice at some point.

I still have some of these in the fridge and they still look as fresh as they did when I bought them a few days ago. Tomorrow I will make creamed mushrooms on toast and the rest will probably go into a chicken and mushroom pie for the freezer, although if they last long enough I might try mushroom stroganoff this week instead- I will never be slim.

 I aIso picked up two chickens


The large one was £2.50 and the smaller one was £1.85. I don’t really know why as these both had a few days on them and weren’t out of date.

The small one has gone into the freezer for a later date, the large one was cooked on Sunday, three large lunches, 2 Sunday lunches for the freezer

extra chicken dinner

Some left for sandwiches and enough left to go into chicken fried rice.

I also managed to pick up some meatless mince for 90p, everyone likes this very much so I am always happy to buy it especially when I see it for a good price. We sometimes make our own kind of veggie burritos using this, along with rice, kidney beans, chick peas, spices and wraps. A little cheese on the top before they go into the oven. Not a brilliant photo but they’re always tasty and always go down well.



We have a couple of sad and happy memories at this time of year. That might sound a funny thing to say but it was two years on Sunday since our fluffy pal Bob left us. We struggle to think that two years have gone by without him, he was loved and adored so much.

Sad because we do so wish he was still with us, but happy because we had some lovely happy times with him, everywhere we went he went too and we do have some lovely jolly memories of times with him.



Bob in the park in 2019

It is also one year ago since our elderly neighbours lost their only grandchild suddenly at the age of 36, her father, and their only child also died suddenly when he was 37.  We bought some flowers and took them round, just to let them know that they are in our thoughts always, but especially now.


This afternoon I will have to attend to my growing vegetables that are now spread out everywhere and are now resembling a small garden centre.

I hope  you have enjoyed your day.

Bye for now X

Please do not use any of my images or content without permission.



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