Roses and knitting


Yesterday we had a quick trip into Tesco, we used to go here quite a lot but we have changed our shopping habits, really over the last couple of years (covid aside). Anyhow this was only a top up shop but while there found some beautiful red roses on sale.  

As you can see, they definitely do not look on their last, they look good and we paid just £1.05 for this beautiful bit of cheery happiness.

Look at the above freebies too. They were brought back by a special someone from Greece, a gift from their hotel there and very kindly donated to me! Some oil, red wine and some lovely herbs.


On the crafty front, I have another little baby cardigan knitted. It is nice soft DK yarn and made very quickly from the top down.

 You can find the pattern at

It is the Max baby cardigan with eyelet raglan detailing.

A really nice pattern to make and the yarn lovely to work with.

I hope you have had a good day.

Bye for now X

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