Food items, no waste.

Hello I know just now all we seem to read about are the cost of things, the gas prices, the oil prices, the electricity prices and the food prices are going up drastically, every time you go the supermarket things have gone up, it's not just one or two things but everything seems to be …

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Little kindness gifts, pumpkins, fruit & veg.

Hello When planning what to plant this year, I knew that we would possibly have a house move to contend with, so with that in mind I grew - nothing, up until I returned home from minding grandchildren. The morning after returning the weather was so hot, so I planted some beans, I mean just …

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Anniversary & Birthday time

Hello Over the last week or so, there has been a birthday in our household and a happy anniversary too. There has been gift vouchers and money, cards and gifts and a the beautiful gift of a sponsored donkey at the donkey sanctuary. I rather like donkeys.  Our little dog and I often used to …

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