Some pretty Easter things


When out and about I do like to stop and look at pretty things.

I love nature, the fresh spring buds appearing on the trees, the animals playing about in their habitat, the marvellous beginnings of new life all around.

I also like hand made crafty things  and such like. I thought you might like to see some of my photographs from the last week.

Firstly look at these for Easter, aren’t they lovely, they made me feel happy as I was walking around.

Easter wreath 3Easter wreath 4Easter wreath 1Easter wreath 2Easther wreath 5

Makes this week include some simple  Easter bunny faces

Easter bunnies

daffodils with a tiny mini egg in the centre

Daffodils with eggs

and a few crosses

Easter Cross

I hope you are enjoying your day.

Bye for now X

Please do not use any of my images or content without permission.

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